Precision Testing S.R.L. deals with field testing, using machines and tools for precision agriculture.
This is the first step to support precision farming.

About us

Precision Testing S.R.L. innovative startup (DL n. 179/2012) has been founded in January 2019 as CRO for field testing and agronomic research
The founders’ experience and their knowledge (in variety testing, crop protection and agro-environmental research) are the basis of their innovative services.

In April 2019, Precision Testing got the GEP accreditation from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture as test facility to carry out field trials.

The working group is composed of master graduates in agricultural sciences (with different specializations), agricultural experts and qualified technicians for organic productions. Their technical-scientific background, linked to the passion for their work and the èurpose of contributong to update the sector of field agronomic research, allow to provide high-skilled services to the various players in the supply chain: industry (seeds, agrochemicals, biostimulants, fertilizers), public and private research centres and farms.

The Company combines knowledges and technological innovations: to perform agronomic studies and field trials, it uses tools and machinery of precision and digital agriculture. Product applications are georeferenced, at fixed or variable rate, using  prescription maps obtained after specific monitoring.
The "PRECISION TESTING" process, through  complex studies, allows to test and to verify the performance of new products in specific agro-environments, which have been previously selected and studied. The outcome for the stakeholders is to receive a data pool and information on their products, tested according to the precision farming purposes.
Moreover, Precision Testing’s agronomists and specialists support farmers for applying precision agriculture techniques and for the integrated pest management.

 The experience gained in this sector allows the Company to promote events of training and divulgation.