Tests on arables

 Precision Testing plans and realizes:

  • sowing of small/big plots, at fixed or variable density on prescription maps,
  • harvesting of small/big plots, measuring the yield and some qualitative indicators or the grain flows to create georeferenced yield maps.
All sowing and harvest data are georefered.

Precision planting

The precision planter HALDRUP SP-35, equipped with MONOSEM elements, allows the sowing of many species. The row-distance can be easily modified. It can sow both small and big plots at fixed or variable rates according to prescription maps.

Sowing in rows

The pneumatic seed drill built on DAMAX frame, is used for cereals and other crops. It can sow both small and big plots, at fixed or variable rates according to prescription maps.

Harvesting of seed trials

Two plot combines (a HALDRUP C-85 and a FarmLiner 3370 modified by BAURAL) are equipped with modern and different weighing systems and systems to measure the grain flow to create georeferenced yield maps. 

Chopping for silage and biomass trials

The KE-125 row-independent forage harvester allow to chop crops sown at different densities and with different row-distance. The conveyor is connected to a weighing system based on load cells. 

Providing robust data

The working group is structured and organized:

  • to guarantee the realization of perfectly sowings,
  • to properly calibrate all the machinery, the electronic and digital equipment, verifying their fully functioning and the validity of the collected data
  • to obtain clean and undamaged seeds at harvest, to avoid affecting the quality of the data