Advice and support to farmers

Precision Testing’s agronomists and specialists support farmers in applying precision agriculture techniques and the integrated pest control.

 The activity includes:

  • the study of soil and crop variability, analyzing the data obtained from specific monitoring
  • the analysis of the risk factors of damage produced by soil pests or other pathogens
  • the creation of specific prescription maps, based on agronomic evaluations.

Monitoring and data collection

The collection and the analysis of the data obtained from monitoring is the starting point to support the farmer in applying precision agriculture techniques for a sustainable use of the inputs.

Soil monitoring

  • by measuring the apparent electrical conductivity
  • by analyzing the phisical-chemical properties (on samples)

Crop monitoring

  • by remote sensing
  • by proximal sensors or cameras (on tractor or drone)
  • Pest monitoring

  • by placing pheromone traps for catching adults of wireworms
  • by placing bait jars for catching larvae of wireworms
  • Yield monitoring

    • by systems and digital tools for yield mapping, installed on plot combines or other harvesting machines

    Prescription maps and precision applications

    The elaboration of the collected data from the monitoring and the analysis of the risk factors of damage drive the specialist to create specific prescription maps.

    This process can be managed:

    • independently, by the of Precision Testing’s specialist,
    • using the main digital tools on the market, chosen by the farm or the contractor.

    Once created, the prescription maps can be uploaded on the monitor of the operating machines, which are connected via ISOBUS with the agricultural equipment, otherwise uploaded on the drone’s remote control.

    Local application at fixed or variable rate of

  • fertilizers
  • PPP, biostimulants and plant growth regulators
  • herbicides

  • Variable rate sowing

    • precision seeding by varying the density of seeds