Test facility 

The Precision Testing’s test facility is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct GEP official field tests for evaluating the efficacy and the selectivity of plant protection products (PPP) and biostimulants (Decree 14.12.2021 - Official Gazette n. 27,  02-02-2022).

Fields of expertize

Fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, limacids, nematicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, corroborants, biostimulants, adjuvants, pheromones, biocontrol agents are tested on the following crops:

  • arable crops in open field

  • vegetables in open field and under protected conditions

  • fruit trees and grapevine

  • medicinal/aromatic/ornamental crops

Tested applications

  • spraying on crops
  • in-furrow at sowing
  • seed treatments
  • post-harvest applications on seeds, fruits, tubers and bulbs

The features of the test facility

1 - Monitoring (soil-crop-pest-yield)  by sensors on tractors, drones, plot combines

Before the study starts: to localize suitable areas/sites for carrying out the field trials; to evaluate the variability of soil and crop properties  and to know the pest’s pressure and its distribution.

During the trial: to measure indicators of the crop’s growth; to calibrate the agronomic operations; to identify the right time for products application. 

At the end of the study, on yield: to define the amount and the quality of the production

2 - Use of own modern machinery and equipment

All the key operations performed on the trials (monitoring, applications, harvest) are performed with modern machinery and equipment, designed for field research and all equipped with GPS.

The calibration of all the equipment is the starting point to collect solid and reliable data.

3 - Use of equipment for local applications and the “Precision Testing” procedure

The “Precision Testing” procedure is based on a reasoned and careful distribution of the plots (small or large) in the field. This is the result of evaluations of preventive monitoring data and of the variability of some key parameters.

Precision farming machinery and digital agriculture technologies allow to manage georeferenced and local applications, also at variable rate, based on prescription maps

Distinctiveness of the test facility

1 - Trials of precision farming (with local applications)

The skills of the specialists, to make specific prescription maps and to use equipment for precision agriculture, allow the application (by seeder, sprayer machine, drone) of the tested products (experimental or close to market) on georeferenced selected areas in open field.

2 - Trials of seed care

The trials are carried out in various agro-environments in Northern Italy (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia).

For some pests (e.g. Agriotes spp), every year the specialists identify the suitable infestations to carry out field trials. The work is divided in different steps: placing baits traps, soil sampling, pest identification, creation of georeferenced maps to study the pest’s variability. For other species, (e.g. Diabrotica virgifera, Ostrinia nubilalis, Agrotis ipsilon) monitoring of adults is conducted, also considering data of regional public research centres.

Seed coating could be also carried out independently, by the liquid seed treater Hege-11

3 –  Trials in the testing farm

Precision Testing manages an experimental farm of 6 hectares, where it is also placed a tunnel for protected crops. In this farm, applications of inoculums of pathogens to the soil, to the crop and the sowing of widespread annual broadleaf and grass weeds can be done.