The Precision Testing's farm

Precision Testing conducts GEP, DEMO, agronomic and varietal trials in Northern Italy, in the most suitable environments for the purposes of the study, in selected farms.

The Company has also an irrigable farm of 6 hectares, located in the Verona plain, in a highly suited production area.

A tunnel of 400 m2 is used to manage trials requiring protected conditions.

The farm’s land is reserved for trials with experimental products for which a daily management is required.

The possibility to apply infestations with insects, mites, fungi and weeds (common in the Po valley) allows to increase the chances of success for the chemical trials, compared to the natural development of the pest populations, strongly linked to the seasonal climatic trend.

This method allows the management of trials on a wide range of crops and targets, both in open field and in protected conditions.

Part of the farm’s land is used for seeds multiplication and varietal maintenance.

The entire activity is managed independently, with owned machinery.